Leonardo Programme: international project meeting in Tenerife

Leonardo Programme: international project meeting in Tenerife

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The third meeting of the Leonardo da Vinci (LDV)-partnership project, called “Applied Electronics. Design, fabrication and application of electronic circuits and devices for home and car on the base of integrated circuits and microcontrollers”, was held between 3rd and 9th November in Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain).

The teams met in La Laguna, in the San Juan Bosco Salesian College.

Teachers and student arrived to Los Rodeos Airport where were received by the host families and the teachers responsibilities of the project at Salesian College, from there the families carried the students to her respective home and teachers were carried to a hotel in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

The project activities were carried out as detailed below:

José Domingo Rosales Baute was the responsible of this meeting, as teacher and coordinator of the Leonardo Department and contact person of the project at the school, gave the wellcome to the others participants, during his speech informed about the meetings along the week, the system for the Vocational Education at Spain, were presented the branches of studies at San Juan Bosco Salesian College, also was presented the headmaster and the school management finally participants visited the classes, laboratories… where received the explanation from the teachers about the difference specialities developed at the school.

The project meeting was held in San Juan Bosco Salesian College, a school with the levels of Kindergarden, Primary, Secondary, High School, and Middle and High Vocational school.

Leonardo-project-meeting-Salesian-Collage-Tenerife_2Leonardo-project-meeting-Salesian-Collage-Tenerife_3In the daily meeting at the school we work about:

– Purposes of the project.
– Advances on the projects from the last meeting at Turkey.
– What will we do for the next meeting.
– Distributions of tasks.
– Processes of the project were discussed.
– Participants from Bulgaria, Spain, Turkey and United Kingdom presented the state of theirs projects.
– Knowledge, techniques and news were exchanged between technical teachers from the school and the colleagues from Bulgaria, Turkey and United Kingdom.

The project meeting ended reaching a consensus on all the issues, since all students and teachers work actively.

The only difficult during the meeting was that the number of student received was higher than the local students on the project, this made necessary the host of student from other european projects.

The record of the meeting was undertaken by the Spanish team.

During the meeting:

– The partners interchange information about the type of microcontroller, programming languages and compilers used on their projects.
– Each partner introduced the state of their product, some ended, to the other partners.
– While the meeting of the engineers was going on, the rest of the participants gathered together to discuss about issues of mobility, survey process, logo, brochure preparation and the ebook.
– Divided into groups, participants visited the classrooms and had an opportunity to meet our students.
– The programme at the of San Juan Bosco Salesian College visit was completed with certificate ceremony.

Leonardo-project-meeting-Salesian-Collage-Tenerife_6Leonardo-project-meeting-Salesian-Collage-Tenerife_5Leonardo-project-meeting-Salesian-Collage-Tenerife_4During the project meetings, we visited some cultural and historical places in the Island of Tenerife:

Teide National Park, Natural World Heritage.
Leonardo-project-meeting-Salesian-Collage-Tenerife_7La Orotava and Puerto de la Cruz, two historic cities of the island.
– Santa Cruz de Tenerife, main city, there we visited the parliament of Canary Islands.
Leonardo-project-meeting-Salesian-Collage-Tenerife_8Natural Park of Anaga.
Leonardo-project-meeting-Salesian-Collage-Tenerife_9Beach of Las Américas, touristic place.
Leonardo-project-meeting-Salesian-Collage-Tenerife_10Leonardo-project-meeting-Salesian-Collage-Tenerife_11– La Laguna, historic and university city, heritage of mankind.

Program of Spain was completed. During the project visit, our partners were very actives and flexibles in the decision-making, sign of a good cooperation atmosphere.

On this project, we were with teams, coming from schools big and little and countries of places far one from other, even so since the first day student and teachers, felt like if we lived and studied side by side.

The result of the meeting was very positive, it has not only enabled us to acquire new knowledge and skills from the technological point of view but also has been an important life experience, especially for students who have shared their homes with others from differents countries and cultures, absolutely positive experience in all the cases, helping to create europeans citizens.

We would like to thank our participants for their courtesy, patience and understanding.

– Project site

LDV Applied Electronics

– Partners sites

John Atanasoff professional school of electronics (Bulgaria)
Manavgat Technical and Industrial Vocational High School (Turkey)
Bournville College ( United Kingdom)
San Juan Bosco Salesian College (Spain)

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